Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax is CG's wettest wax ever. It delivers an unmatched surface shine and wet look. This is a brand new technology that consists of a special blend of polymers, resins, and natural Carnauba. Butter Wet Wax leaves your car shining like it is dripping wet! Butter Wax contains no cleaners or abrasives, and will not stain plastic or rubber. It is suitable for easy application and removal in the sun or shade, in hot or cool temperatures.--Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax is the expert's choice!

Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste Wax delivers heavy duty resistance to UV, hard water, acid rain, bug remains, tree sap, and other contaminants. It's an ideal car wax for daily drivers in hot, sunny climates. The high melting temperature surpasses even carnauba wax, which has the highest melting point of any natural wax. Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste Wax's synthetic formula doesn't break a sweat!

Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax is one of the finest liquid carnauba waxes you can buy. It has the shine and wetness of carnauba but its longevity is more like a paint sealant. You can expect up to 5 months of protection and incredible water-beading, even on non-garaged vehicles.

Jescar (Powerlock Plus) has been developing and manufacturing industry-leading polymer paint sealants for many years now, and now their formula has been updated to create an even better product with greater durability.
Ridiculously easy to use, super high-gloss, wet-look, and slick finish! Make your car look absolutely amazing with very little effort.  New, longer lasting formula

RejeX is a thin-film polymer coating designed to provide a high-release protective finish for vehicles of all kinds. This very thin film Ė less than a micron thick Ė prevents stains and adhesion of common contaminants such as exhaust, bugs, oil, tree sap, bird droppings, road grime, brake dust, etc.

JetSeal is a durable paint sealant that protects against the harshest elements. Chemical Guys developed JetSeal for the aerospace industry, which demanded strong protection for jet airplanes flying in extreme hot and cold temperatures.The full synthetic formula enhances a brilliant glassy shine that enthusiasts and detailers love for every vehicle color. JetSeal bonds directly to the surface, creating a strong shield against water spots, contamination, road grime, and UV sunlight.


   Use professional equipment if you want professional results! Just like a dual-action polisher, the 3 gallon Mytee Lite II Heated Carpet Extractor is one of the most important tools a professional auto detailer can own.

    Whether talking about laundry or dishes, everyone knows that hot water cleans much better than cold. In the world of professional automotive detailing, the same rule applies. That's why no serious auto detailer would consider operating a detailing business without a 3 gallon Mytee Lite II Heated Carpet Extractor to clean carpets and upholstery
        Carpet and upholstery cleaning with hot water actually helps break up dirt and grease that would not be as easily removed using the old-fashioned technique of a bucket of cold soapy water and a brush or sponge. You wouldn't have a professional carpet cleaner clean your carpets that way, so why should you use that technique on automotive carpet and upholstery?
        And because the 3 gallon Mytee Lite II Heated Carpet Extractor actually sprays the surface with hot water and then extracts it immediately, the process leaves the fabric or carpet free of soapy residue and much dryer, allowing you to finish your detail in less time than detailing by hand. Professional detailers agree: A hot water carpet extractor like the 3 gallon Mytee Lite II Heated Carpet Extractor is a must-have!

Well why would a dealership tell me not to wax my vehicle?  Unfortunately we can't answer that question directly since really we don't know why  they would say such a thing.  But what we can tell you is that not properly washing and protecting (wax/sealant) your vehicles paint from the elements will  incur damage.  Your vehicles clearcoat, meant to protect and add gloss to your vehicle, is not impervious to the elements.  It is basically a layer of transparent paint.  It needs washing and protection. 
    Improper  washing and waxing will ruin your vehicles finish, so care and knowledge is needed to properly maintain your vehicles paint.
    Improper  compounding and polishing will also ruin your vehicles finish, untrained and careless "detailers" have been known to cause such damage either unknowingly or uncaringly.  A high-speed rotary polisher in the wrong hands will cause swirls, holograms (buffer trails) and can even burn through the clearcoat, especially at the corners and edges of your vehicles panals. 
    Protecting or waxing your vehicle is very important. 
    Sacrificial Barrier Coating
    "The primary purpose of a car wax or synthetic paint sealant is to act as a sacrificial barrier coating over the surface of your carís paint. The idea being that anytime anything comes into contact with your carís paint, before it can cause any damage to the paint it first has to get past the layer of wax or paint sealant. When your carís paint is under attack, the layer of wax or paint sealant sacrifices itself so your paint doesnít have to sacrifice itself.  Or in other words, the layer of wax or paint sealant gives itself up so your carís paint doesnít have to give itself up."
-Mike Phillips
Director of Training at

    Ask us why and how we treat your vehicles paint, and why protection or wax is important.  We enjoy educating and training others in this regard.

What Are Bonded Contaminants?
When we wash your car, the fresh contaminants are removed from the paint and the paintwork looks clean. However, washing will leave behine the bonded contaminats which are attached to the paint as if they had been glued on:

These bonded contaminats are hard to see, so after washing your paintwork looks clean. However, if you gently run your fingers acorss the paintwork you may feel that the paintwork feels rough - a bit like stubble in a way. This roughness, grittiness that you are feeling is the bonded contaminants in the paint.

Examples of bonded contaminants are:

> Brake dust - sharp, so embeds itself in the paint
> Industrial fallout
> Tree sap - very sticky so adheres strongly to the paint

Removing Bonded Contaminants - Clay
In order to remove the bonded contaminats and restore a glassy smooth feel to the paint, detailing clay is used.  If you have not removed them by clay, when you come to polish, glaze, seal or wax, it means that you are now sealing in remaining bonded contaminants.  Simply washing and waxing will not remove bonded contaminants, they will be left behind and then just waxed over, reducing the longevity of the wax.

Clay basically works by grabbing hold of the bonded contaminants and pulling them off of the paint surface:  "Paint Exfoliation"

***Important Point to Remember***
"I think we can all agree that a great looking finish is a glossy looking finish. Gloss comes from smoothness. Bonded contaminants on your car's paint create surface texture, that is a rough feel to the paint. This also diminishes smoothness and therefore diminishes gloss.

Claying removes above surface bonded contaminants and is the first step after washing to restore a high gloss finish to any car, including the one in your garage or driveway.

Claying also enables your choice of wax or paint sealant to better bond to the paint by removing a layer of contaminants off the paint so the protection ingredients can bond to the paint unhindered."      
-Mike Phillips
Director of Training

All three products have there proper place in car care. 

A compound is an abrasive product that acts like a liquid sandpaper, leveling the surface of the clear coat or paint, removing enough clear coat to remove any swirls or scratches.  A compound is most effectively used with either a rotary or dual-action polisher and foam or microfiber cutting pads.  Depending on the level of "cut" or ability to level the clear coat, a compound can remove wet sanding scratches and moderate scratches and defects.  Usually a finer polish is used after to further refine the clear coat or paint.

A polish is used to increase gloss and refine the compounding step.  Polishes also range in "cut" with some being more or less abrasive.  However most polishes have extremely fine abrasives that smooth out the clear coat and added oils to enhance shine and slickness.  In some cases, the vehicles clear coat or paint may be in good condition that it may only need a polishing to improve it. 

A wax/sealant is simply the barrier that is applied lastly to the clear coat or paint that protects it.  They range from liquid to paste and can be applied both by hand or by a dual-action polisher. 

There are however many products that fall in between these products, such as all-in-one products, that can both level the clear coat or paint to remove defects and leave a barrier of protection.  Each vehicles clear coat or paint will vary, so it is up to a trained and expereinced detailer to have a knowledge of clear coats, single stage paints and the products to use in different circumstances.


    When the sun shines on your vehicle's paint what stares back at you?  Is your paint glossy or dull?  Does it appear to have swirls, buffer trails and holograms (called such because the swirls appear to move within the paint like holograms) either from improper washing and drying or "buffing"? 
    If your vehicle's paint looks like the picture to the left, then your paint has been damaged by an inexperienced detailer using a rotary polisher.  Fortunately this can be repaired. We have the knowledge and experience to safely restore or "correct" your paint. 
    We use special polishers that enable us to effectly remove the swirls, buffer trails and holograms.  The results will be clear, glossy, swirl free paint. 
    We further refine the paint by 1 to 2 more polishing steps.  We finish and protect your vehicle's paint by apply either a polymer sealant (Rejex, Jetseal, etc.) or ceramic coating (Gtechniq,).
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What is a One-Step Polish?
If your vehicles paint is hazy, faded, swirled or it has just lost the gloss it once, then it needs further attention.  A simple cleaning and waxing will not be sufficient.  After the vehicle has been properly washed and decontaminated using a clay bar or clay mitt, we proceed with a One-Step Polish. 

We use a product from a company called HD.  This Product is called is HD SPEED.  It is a polish and wax comboned in one product.  When combined with the right cutting or polishing pad and our powerful Rupes Dual Action Polisher it has the ability to reduce/remove swirls, hazing, fading paint.  It leaves a super glossy and slick finish with protection that can last up to 3 months. 

We can also add an additional Paint Sealant if desired to boost the durability. 

This process if one of our most popular polishing services because it can produce excellent results, without having to preform a multi-step paint correction, which may not be within our customers time and/or budget.

This service is listed on our Services Page under THE ONYX STAGE 2 PAINT REFINEMENT section
What is the differences between a compound a polish and a wax?
GYEON Q≤ products are Si02 (Silica Dioxide) based coatings that protect virtually any surface from dirt, sun exposure, and moisture for years.
These coatings are not bullet proof, they still need proper washing, drying and maintenance products to get the best results.

Before application, the paint must be properly cleaned, decontaminated, and polished to ensure a perfect surface to bond to.  We wipe the paint with an Isopropyl Alcohol mixture to remove any remaining polishing oils and residue.  Each panel is meticulously coated with 2 layers or GYEON Mohs, properly wiped with brand new plush microfiber towels.  After each section is coated we inspect the paint with high powered LED lights to make sure no streaking or smearing is present.  After 2 layers of GYEON Mohs, waiting and hour between coats, a layer of GYEON Skin is applied after 4 hours, making a total of 3 layers of protection that will last 2+ years with proper maintenance.

Q≤ Syncro offers incredible slickness and repellency. The Q≤ Mohs base provides hardness and significant durability. Q≤ Skin is a thick and flexible topcoat that provides great self-cleaning abilities.

GYEON Q≤One: Durability lasts 1 year
GYEON Q≤ Pure: Durabilty lasts 18+ months
GYEON Q≤ Mohs: Durability lasts 18-24 months
GYEON Q≤ Syncro: Durability lasts 24+ months
What is a Ceramic Coating?

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